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COVID aid paperwork must be in order as audits loom

Jul 10, 2020
The CRA has announced it is starting to gear up its full auditing powers that were mostly suspended since the outbreak began. Find out how this could affect you if you've applied for COVID-19 financial aid programs.

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What to look for on your Notice of Assessment

Jul 18, 2019
After you file your tax return, you’ll be issued a Notice of Assessment (NOA) from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We provide some tips on what to look for when you receive your NOA, common reasons for discrepancies between your NOA and tax return and how to handle them.

Tags: Audit Representation, Farm Taxes, Financial Planning, Legal & Compliance, Small Business Taxes, Tax Consultation, Tax Planning , Tax Preparation

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How the Sharing Economy Impacts Your Taxes

May 08, 2019
Discover how the sharing economy can impact your taxes.

Tags: Audit Representation, Bookkeeping, Farm Risk Management, Farm Taxes, Tax Planning, Financial Planning, Small Business Taxes, Tax Preparation

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CRA Audit Triggers and What to do if CRA Audits You

Aug 15, 2018
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has ramped up audits of small- to medium-sized enterprises. Audits are nothing to fear if you comply with tax rules and regulations.


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CRA Representation and Tax Audit Assistance

CRA Representation and Tax Audit Assistance

Jul 11, 2018
Not being prepared for a CRA audit and accepting the ruling can be a costly mistake. Being represented by tax professionals can ensure you are treated fairly.


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Top Myths about Canadian Small Business Tax Audits

Debunking Canadian Tax Audit Myths

Feb 07, 2018
These myths about tax audits could increase your likelihood of getting audited. The tax professionals at FBC will help separate tax fact from fiction.


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When Is the Right Time for a Small Business to Hire a Tax Consultant?

When to Hire a Tax Consultant as a Small Business

Jan 17, 2018
Tax professionals provide more than just tax and payroll services, they can help your business at various stages of growth.


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Get a Tax Professional for Family Business Taxes

Nov 08, 2017
Tax professionals can help family run businesses in Canada manage their business accounts, minimize taxes, maximize profits, and save money.

Tags: Audit Representation, Farm Taxes, Small Business Taxes, Tax Planning, Tax Preparation

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5 Triggers That Can Lead to a Tax Audit

Jun 14, 2017
You might have filed your taxes and spent your refund, but you could still be asked questions or audited by the CRA. In fact, a number of risk factors can lead to a CRA tax audit.

Tags: Audit Representation

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How Does the CRA Conduct a Business Audit?

Apr 19, 2017
Small businesses in Canada are a frequent target for CRA business audits. Knowing what to expect can help make the audit process less stressful.

Tags: Audit Representation, Small Business Taxes

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